Hi, my name is Sameer

I am an IT Engineer

Sharing solutions and learning to code.

About Me

Have you ever tried searching a particular issue on the internet only to find no solution to it or in fact no one even talking about it?
I know exactly how you feel which is why I decided to create my own website to share solutions I’ve figured out and learnt myself.

A little peak of who I am… My name is Sameer. I live in London, I play games and enjoy solving the Rubik’s cube.
Currently, I work with technologies such as VMware Windows Server, F5 and much more.
I’ve taken a particular interest in using PowerShell to automate/simplify tasks and looking to expand into the programming world.

I always strive to do the best I can in everything I do. I like to help others out whether that’s in technology or general life. So feel free to contact me directly!


My Skillset


Experience in a wide range of Microsoft products.


Experience in PowerShell, .NET WinForms and other languages.


Experience in Hypervisor technologies such as VMware.

Experience Meets Expertice

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